Monday, April 25, 2011

Market Update - March 2011 - Real Estate Watch in Roseville and Rocklin, California

Market Update - March 2011 - Real Estate Watch in Roseville and Rocklin, California

Enjoy the data of the monthly market trends with REALTORs® Steve Ostrom and Jennifer Klein (and apparently their orange hats and noise makers). I would say sorry for all the commotion we cause in the office, but I love working with these two and doesn't our world need a shot of positive energy? They are upbeat and happy to be working.

So check this video out about the evolving market and trends.

And as the 3 minute mark on the video has stated, no REALTOR®s were harmed in the cropping of this video. - Roseville and Rocklin Area and Real Estate Information

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Jennifer Klein 916-764-2710 • JK AT RosevilleAndRocklin DOT com

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last One There is a Rotten Easter Egg (just kidding) - A few Easter Egg Hunt locations in Roseville and Rocklin

Local Easter Egg Hunts (that we know about ... ) - Roseville and Rocklin

Listed in no particular order ... please verify times with each group. I'm certain I missed a few great groups, but here's a starter group that I found ... I hear the Chik-Fil-A event is a HOOT and it is mind boggling the show they put on ... (I heard rumors of a ridiculous amount of eggs and they bring in grass just for the event, but if you don't see this, you didn't hear this from me). ;-) Chik-Fil-A is over by Sam's Club and Panera on Pleasant Grove. 

I am sure there are more local churches that have Easter Egg hunts ranging from Saturday to Sunday that I have missed. Let me know and I can add them. :-)

To everyone ... I hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration in whatever way you celebrate the holiday / event. *hugs from the Ostroms*



  • CIty of Roseville:  Woodcreek Golf Club is located at 5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd., Roseville 95747 
    • Join us on Sat., Apr 23
      Bunny breakfast buffet 9-11am
      $3.99 kids / $6.99 adults
    • Egg Hunt starts at 11:30am 
      Festival fun until 2pm

Chik-Fil-A - Easter Egg Hunt (info and comment below via

Saturday, April 23 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Chick-fil-a Pleasant Grove
912 Pleasant Grove Blvd
Roseville, CA

Hunt Times:
9:00 AM - Ages 2 and Under
9:12 AM - Ages 3-4
9:24 AM - Ages 5-6
9:36 AM - Ages 7-8
9:48 AM - Ages 9-10
10:00 AM - Ages 2 and Under
10:12 AM - Ages 3-4
10:24 AM - Ages 5-6
10:36 AM - Ages 7-8
10:48 AM - Ages 9-10


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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Orange "Suits" Me Just Fine ... a fun post by Steve Ostrom

This is a fun post about questions we are asked often ... little random "factoids" about Mr. O. 

We take our job and you seriously ... and yes we have an orange addiction. :-) Oh and Steve loves golf ... and thinks he always makes a fantastic fourth in your foursome. 


Steve Ostrom, REALTOR(r) with Coldwell Banker in Roseville, CA

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Are They Asking Me To Get Pre-Approved?

We're apologize if you have come here to look for a post on pre-approvals - please visit our main Website at for more great videos and help with your real estate adventure.

We have an amazing education video and blog post library that addresses all the common questions of a buyer AND seller in today's market.

If you can't find your answer, know we're here to answer - we won't hound you, but we will educate you!

Thank you!

Heather and Steve Ostrom
Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Can I Still Be A "Move-Up" Buyer In Today's Real Estate Market?

This is a question we are often posed:
"Am I a candidate for moving-up? Do I even have a chance and what do I need to do to see if I even qualify?"

Are you one of these folks pondering if you are a potential move-up buyer? Well, stop wondering and let Meghan Wood or your trusted lender run your numbers to see if it's even in the realm of possibilities. And if you aren't ready now, what steps do you need to make in your life to perhaps have an opportunity to move-up. I know many of us are in a situation where we are grateful to have the home we are in, but we dream of having that extra bedroom or office ... or maybe you want to have a larger back yard or that garage with a third space. Sure it can't happen for anyone, but it might be worth your time to explore that option. Half of what holds us back in life is being afraid to discover answers to our current life situation or problems. No Ostriches! Look up and look forward.

Check out this video and see if it helps guide your mind in the right direction for those that currently own a home and are looking to move-up and what actions they may or may not need to take. Happy house hunting!

Find the amazing Meghan Wood here at Capitol Mortgage in Roseville (Commercial & Residential Loan Consultant) • (916) 871-5466  MLO-278487 Mortgage Advisor 


*** Coldwell Banker advises you consult your tax advisor and/or your real estate attorney for all legal and financial comment or action.*** 

Steve Ostrom REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Roseville CA
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Helping Mommy/Daddy hit the unlock button" and Re-keying your New Property

First here's something I did not know that I think you all might find useful (Placer Co) ...

Did you know if you lock your child in the car (oops I have *almost done this*) ... you should of COURSE call 911 first (repeat first), but did you know Pop-A-Lock offers a FREE community service program called EDU -- Emergency Car Door Unlocking. It's part of Pop-A-Lock’s way of giving back to the community. Wow, that's awesome! Jot their number down right now: (916) 449-9004

So, back to re-keying as you know Steve is a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker and though he even has a re-key disclosure, particularly for his bank owned properties, the same topic keeps on coming up ... "can we have all the keys in the lockbox?" -- My question is "Why?" You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be re-keying a new property before one item of yours rests in that home.Who KNOWS who has the keys to the home. Re-key that home immediately. Don't wait!

photo courtesy of Pop-A-Lock
: Yelp Reviews

So not only do the articles below touch on the importance of re-keying, it's also going to touch on the safety of locksystems. And NO I don't just like them because they have orange in their branding and logo (errr ... well maybe I do a little bit). We truly have treasured working with Kane, Jay Cleto (homeskillet Jay) and Jhenai and the entire team. Thanks for the great items to share Kane.


  • Should I change (rekey) the locks between tenancies?
    Yes! Always rekey the locks between tenancies. Failing to change the locks between tenancies can result in expensive claims of liability if your renter becomes a victim of a burglary or, even worse, a physical crime.
  • How do I decide on which locksmith to use?
    Always ensure the locksmith company is a
    California licensed locksmith, the employees are in marked vehicles & uniforms. 
    They should also quote a firm price up front.
  • Who should I call if a child is locked in a car?
    Call 911 first, but give Pop-A-Lock a call too at 1-800-
    POP-A-LOCK. Pop-A-Lock offers a FREE community service program called EDU -- Emergency Car Door Unlocking. It's part of Pop-A-Lock’s way of giving back to the community.

"Safe and Secure in Your New Home!"

It took you six months to find the perfect house and now your family is finally moving
in, however, you may not be aware of who else may have a key to your new home.
Just imagine the possibilities; the former owners may have given a duplicate key to the
neighbors, babysitters, repair people, teenage kids, or relatives. If someone used an old
key to enter your home, there would not be any sign of forced entry and even worse, the
burglar could return to take more items.

... “Every lock comes from the manufacturer with two
keys. If your new home has three doors with deadbolts then you should have four keys
to each door which is a total of 12 keys”, says Rob Reynolds, Director of Locksmith
Operations for Pop-A-Lock. Reynolds adds, “You have security with a lock only when
you can account for every key; if you are buying an existing home, pay for a qualified
and reputable locksmith to change the keyways and establish good key control from the

Additionally, Key-in-the knob locksets offer virtually NO security; if your home is
equipped with these, they should be replaced. The most secure locks are double-
cylinder deadbolts, which require a key to operate from either side. The bolt (the part
that extends from the door) should be at least one inch long, and should be hardened
steel. The strike (the plate which the bolt sticks into) should be installed with screws
long enough to engage the structural stud behind the doorframe (and not just the door
frame or trim like many are currently installed).

Pop-A-Lock provides residential re-key services and can change out the keyway to your
new home at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire lock hardware. In addition to
fulfilling customer’s needs in a quick, professional and safe manner ...

Kane Wilkin is the owner of Pop-A-Lock of Sacramento. He can
be reached via email at or by calling 916-276-4797.

Q&A and "Safe and Secure in Your New Home" are being re-published with permission of Kane W with Pop-A-Lock
Article below is the property of Pop-A-Lock: (provided via Kane W, Granite Bay Pop-A-Lock)

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome Jennifer A. Klein ...

Hi everyone ... it's Heather O writing today (marketing gal / gal behind the curtain) ...

Steve and I  wanted to formally announce the great addition to our team by Vlog and Blog ... welcome Jennifer A. Klein.

A quick snipit about Jennifer ... Jen specializes in short sale negotiations and handling short sale listings. Jennifer also has experience both in California and Nevada investment properties and their management ... Steve has always handled normal sales and REOs / bank owned properties both on listing and buyers, but now with Jennifer by his side, we now feel like we can now effectively cover the spectrum of all buyers' and sellers' needs .... Well enough writing about her ... Please check out what Steve has to say about the rockstar that is REALTOR Jennifer A. Klein. Welcome to Coldwell Banker Jen!





Give us a call today for all of your buying and selling needs ... or your inquiries or questions. Visit our real estate website today:


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